blickfang. Discover good design with maximum safety.

blickfang. Discover good design with maximum safety.

- Here we constantly update the applicable regulations and all other relevant information for your visit to the trade fair -

We firmly reckon with the undertaking of the upcoming blickfang in Basel and look forward to welcoming you and our designers to blickfang again!

Already in July, we held a test exhibition in Basel with the MCH Group and put the theoretical concepts on hygiene and safety regulations through their paces in practice.

To ensure that you can discover good design with safety at blickfang Basel, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene and safety concept in collaboration with the ordinances of the Swiss Federal Council and the Basel City Health Department.

- This year you can only buy tickets online.

- We have extended the opening hours for you to ensure safety distances, especially at the cash desk and entrance.

- Visitors are only allowed to enter the design fair with a mouth-and-nose protection. This must be worn during the entire visit. Our lounge and catering areas are excluded from this rule.

- The entrance is equipped with disinfectant dispensers

- The entrance is equipped with disinfectant dispensers, which must be used by every visitor when entering and leaving the rooms. There are also other disinfectant dispensers placed at various locations in the halls.

- Toilet Sanitary facilities

- In order to control the number of visitors in the best possible way, we have planned additional personnel to control all entrances and exits.

- Only as many people are allowed to enter the hall at the same time as required by the current hygiene regulations. This guarantees the maximum distance at all times. Please help us to keep this distance.

- Our hall is additionally air-conditioned by a modern ventilation system so that the air is constantly exchanged.

- In the lounges, where food and drinks are served, the respective regulations for gastronomy apply. Here you may of course remove your mouth and nose protection.

- All sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected.


We are a sales fair and not a mass event. All our designers have been able to apply safe selling in their own stores and studios in the last few months.

Please support us and our designers with your behaviour. Please observe the current distance regulations and disinfect your hands regularly. Do not come to blickfang if you feel ill or have acute cold symptoms. You can easily exchange your ticket online.


We look forward to seeing you!



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