blickfang Wien

3 good reasons for Vienna

1. Vienna is THE design capital of Austria. In no other city are there so many great, independent fashion labels with small shops in the city as in Vienna. Proof that the Viennese love independent design. By the way, the same applies to the interior design sector.

2. our beautiful location in the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) is very centrally located and attracts the typical blickfang audience of up to 15,000 visitors.

3. blickfang Wien has been firmly established for 18 years now and is an institution for design lovers, individualists and multipliers.

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More questions about blickfang Vienna

Katja Famulok, Head of sales, will be happy to answer your questions about participation at blickfang Vienna.

Please contact Katja Famulok by e-mail or phone + 49 711 99093 45.

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