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"BLICKFANG reflects the diversity of the design landscape. You can feel the passion and the heart and soul behind the products produced in small series as well as the daily challenges that we ourselves know well and in which we find ourselves again and again. An exciting infrastructure has grown up around BLICKFANG as a sales platform for independently produced design in recent years, which we consider very special and valuable for young designers."

Marcel Besau & Eva Marguerre of Studio Besau-Marguerre

Winner of the blickfang

Become a winner of the BLICKFANG

A design award jury, consisting of ever-changing representatives of the industry - including Jamie Hyon, Alfredo Häberli and Leo Lübke - selects the best participants in the fields of furniture & home accessories and fashion & jewellery at every BLICKFANG. Maybe you too! This gives your design label visibility among important multipliers and the winners a special distinction and prize money.

Curator of blickfang - Nils Holger Moormann

Do the endurance test for your label

Nils Holger Moormann, multiple award-winning furniture designer and manufacturer, was BLICKFANG Curator of the Year 2015/16:

"BLICKFANG is an excellent platform for young people, young companies to try their hand: What really happens when the proud designer meets real interested parties outside his private environment for the first time? When idea, implementation and marketability have to prove themselves directly? I find this process instructive and meaningful, moreover exciting for both sides, since the designer has the opportunity to exchange ideas and network intensively not only with end customers, but also with other labels."

Get a little famous

Whether SCHÖNER WOHNEN, COUCH, Textilrevue, DAS IDEALE HEIM, Annabelle or DIVA - our media partners are always curious about innovative, individual and unseen design! This is your chance: With a good story behind your product and professional photos, you can quickly make the headlines as a BLICKFANG exhibitor.


blickfang - Network

Use our network to the specialized trade

The BLICKFANG is a consumer trade fair, but according to the visitor survey, around 1/3 of our visitors also attend the BLICKFANG out of professional interest - these are architects and planners, the specialist trade and shop owners who are actively invited by us. The BLICKFANG has often been a springboard into the public eye for designers. Established design greats such as Lex Pott, PULPO, Kilian Schindler, Bethan Laura Wood, Thomas Feichtner, Swedish Ninja and Sebastian Herkner have also been BLICKFANG participants!

Scholten & Baijings

"BLICKFANG offers self-producing designers an excellent opportunity to present and sell their designs to a design-interested audience.

Stefan Diez

"The BLICKFANG is a nice counterexample to the one-size-fits-all offer of globalization. Here you really get things that you don't see elsewhere. The BLICKFANG is a great stage and "pop-up-store-concept" in one!"

Stefan Diez, BLICKFANG Curator of the Year 2011/12

Jamie Hayon

"In today's globalized design world, a format like BLICKFANG, where designers and small manufacturers can sell directly, is a very contemporary approach. Meeting the designers of the products in person and learning a bit more about their story takes the principle of a fair to a whole new level."

Jamie Hayon, Spanish Designer and BLICKFANG Curator of the Year 2012/13


Jamie Hayon - blickfang design fair

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