blickfang Designworkshop 2019

26 I 27 I 28. Juni 2019 Frankfurt am Main

The blickfang design workshop enters its next round in 2019. Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau from Studio Besau Marguerre in Hamburg, Philipp Mainzer, founder and managing director of e15 and Gunda Siebke, head of the design department at Schöner Wohnen, Europe's largest living magazine, will be taking part. Together with these industry leaders, we would like to invite you to take part in a three-day intensive workshop to discuss your career prospects.

The workshop is for all those young or already established designers who, against all odds, face the challenges of the design industry but are looking for the exchange and, above all, the experience of established greats. The aim is to answer questions such as calculating a trade margin, the right way to address manufacturers, developing visible marketing for your brand and products, establishing a promising sales channel, establishing sustainable relationships with production sites or suppliers, etc. In short: the development of a personal future perspective for design entrepreneurs.

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