Over 1.000 products of international young designers
A.D.Deertz is a Berlin based casual menswear label that specializes in modern classics the brand is all about making laid back, unpretentious, timeless, quality products. This also means that new designs are created at a healthy tempo, without the need to be rushed in for the next sale cycle. Each article is made in a small series. The number of pieces in many styles is usually determined by the amount of a fine fabric acquired during the designers trips around the world.




Wibke Deertz
DE 10119 Berlin
Torstr. 106
Tel: +49/030/91206630

a.i,r- was founded by henning, who always wanted to become an architect-however now he`s working on furniture. the shelving system: boxing is flexible-changeable-sustainable. you can hide-showcase-pot your belongings in there. the system is easy to build up: no tools are required. bright front edges of the panels appear in contrast to the dark coated surfaces. the single boxes can be turned the way you want: front/back-left/right-up/down. his approach: like the box + think outside of it!




henning grahn
DE 55120 mainz
an der plantage 37 b
Tel: +49/(0) 6131/4872524

A04 developed qualitatively high- functional furniture with designers / producers and offers these via the Internet platform A04.CH. By marketing & sales of selected furniture do we promote the designers and producers. Our philosophy requires that we offer objects that are high demands on function, aesthetics and a permanent lifetime requirements. In our exhibition ( Tellstr . 7, Basel) you can convince yourself personally.




Simon Scheidegger + Daniel Truffer
CH 4053 Basel
Tellstrasse 7
Tel: 0041/61/331 04 04

We have set ourselves the goal to create innovative and top quality furniture and objects under the label of aaro. Form, material and handcraft are harmonized. Thereby, unique products evolve and create an added value through their functionality and clear expression of form. The combination, application and arrangement of the materials express a high quality standard.




Philipp Schuler & Roland Wildi
CH 5502 Hunzenschwil
Bahnhofstrasse 36
Tel: 0041/(0)62/897 10 10

Holger Volk | acme – büro für desein | www.acme-design.com Holon is pure luxury. Holon is a work-lamp for the soul. Holon is an hommage to the light bulb. The end of this archaic product operating with a tungsten thread is preassigned by the legislator. Therefore, ›Holon‹ is a luxury article for nostalgic people. After a hundred successful years, the charm of the ordinary light bulb not only lies in electromagnetic rays; in fact, it has imprinted itself as an archetype into our consci


acme büro für desein


Holger Volk
DE 06108 Halle (Saale)
Breite Straße 33
Tel: +49/(0)174/7904126

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