blickfang Zurich

21 I 22 I 23 November 2014



The unique charm of blickfang always was based on the chance to meet the creators behind the various products and to be able to buy everything directly at the boothes. Design orientated consumers, designers and tradesmen can come together to sample the newest and most innovative trends. Bringing all these groups together at the «point of sale» is an important factor in the blickfang concept. The interaction is also important for the designers who get the unique possibility to sell their products directly eliminating the middle man and to get a first hand look at how their products are accepted on the open market. Blickfang has established itself as an annual event over the past twenty years in Zurich, Stuttgart, Basel, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.


blickfang - your design shopping event


Today's consumer is discriminating and critical. He wants to be entertained and inspired in many senses. In a world of global brands and uniformed offers, he is looking for something individual, something very unique: however, objects that speak for his personal lifestyle. This is exactly what the blickfang Company wanted to realize when first organizing the design trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. The idea was to present new and exciting products from many facets of lifestyle such as fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design all together in one inspiring and curated environment.


The porcelain figures are manufactured in small series in her studio in Zurich. Each piece is hand crafted. Casted in separate parts, assembled, glazed, and burned. With a fine brush, finally every figure receives its own unique touch. Babette Maeder loves new characters becoming alive and to let herself in for the adventure of manufacturing. During this process, a plaster mould might break apart and the studio is dipped in white.


Babette Maeder porcelain figurines


Studying graphic design, Babette Maeder has been most interested in illustration already. Soon after, she started as a freelance illustrator, working for newspapers and magazines. Her first children's book Babette Maeder drew for Diogenes Verlag, whose books she devoured as a child. During the past several years she passionately created figures out of her drawings. Capturing moments and telling charming stories, just like her illustrations do. A new wonderful three-dimensional world opened up to her as she went to learn the crafts of porcelain manufacturing.



The step from a single unit to small series came from alone. As Lisa was walking through Berlin, the fashion courageous German capital, people approached her because of her style, she knew the idea had potential. Since last year they are on sale – soon also at blickfang Vienna, Hamburg and Zurich!


Travel a lot


The best ideas derive from a demand. This happened to Lisa Losch creating her Overall with an oversized hoody: „In my former profession I had to travel a lot – during my early morning flights I tried to keep my intimacy and comfort, at the arrival, however, I had to be dressed perfectly.“ The solution was an overall: Exceptional materials, even with a plunging neckline in the back were eye-catcher, wide cuts and of course a hoody created cosiness.



Studio Isabell Gatzen


Studio Isabell Gatzen recently presented at Milan Design week for the first time, launching the DEBUT collection at SaloneSatellite 2015.
The collection sets out to explore contrasts to achieve harmony in form, function and style. Contrasts are explored in materials, shapes and light to achieve an elegant and sophisticated collection with a young and fresh attitude that will stand the test of time.

M.C. Escher inspired the direction of the collection, his focus on order, symmetry, impossible objects and optical illusions was used as a lens through which the collection was designed and curated. The collection seeks to play with perceptions of light and weight, and embraces hidden details which encourage users to interact with the pieces.

blickfang Zurich: All the facets of design


blickfang has been taking place in Zurich for 19 years,. Even though the public is very familiar with the design shopping event by now, it’s not getting boring. This years blickfang Zurich is coming up with some brand new designers – 60% of them never participated within blickfang Zurich before. But of course the most exciting jewelry, fashion and furniture designers of last years’ editions are back as well. This mixture of familiar faces and new talents makes blickfang Zurich from November, 20st till November, 22nd worth a visit.

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