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How do you experience the blickfang, Sebastian Wrong?


The world-renowned industrial designer Sebastian Wrong is the blickfang curator of the year - but what does that actually mean? How does he experience the blickfang design shopping events? And which memories does he link to the blickfang design workshop in Boisbuchet this summer? Well, we asked him! By the way, you get the chance to meet him, too: He is going to attend our very first blickfang design shopping event in Munich! Sebastian will spend the entire Friday  with us, so just walk up to him.



What is blickfang?


Stephen Burks, Curator of the Year 2011, Stefan Diez, Curator of the Year 2012 and Jennifer Reaves, CEO of blickfang, explain the concept and the idea behind the International Design Exhibition blickfang.


Sebastian is the founder and former Creative Director of the renowned British interior label Established & Sons and brings with him an impressive amount of experience to the position. He will have a lot on his plate starting with the blickfang in Hamburg in September followed by Vienna, Copenhagen, Zurich, Stuttgart and Basel in Spring 2014 and will also open the new setting blickfang in Munich in February 2014, in cooperation with MINI. Blickfang will then be present in seven European design centres.


Sebastian Wrong is our new Curator of the Year!


We are happy to announce the appointment of Sebastian Wrong as our next "blickfang Curator of the Year". Sebastian follows the likes of Stephen Burks (2010), Stefan & Saskia Diez (2011) and Jaime Hayón (2012) as curators and will over the next twelve months have conceptual influence over all blickfang trade events, including the special show "blickfang selected". He will also work with other renowned jury members to select the winners for the "MINI Awards".





blickfang attaches great importance to the origin of the products and their authenticity. We are especially interested in the stories behind the people as they provide inestimable value for our visitors. blickfang is the biggest design event of its kind in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It has been an anual event in many European cities for more than 15 years and nowadays takes place in six different hot spots all over Europe.


blickfang - concept store and design platform


Discovering innovative labels, meeting over 200 designers in person, sampling products, trying on outfits and best of all, buying them directly on the spot. blickfang showcases furniture, jewellery and fashion from the young and international design scene, apart from mass goods and mass production. The designers are present and can answer questions and offer products that style up our life and make it more beautiful.

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