International design exhibition for interior, fashion and jewellery

The unique charm of blickfang always was based on the chance to meet the creators behind the various products and to be able to buy everything directly at the boothes. Design orientated consumers, designers and tradesmen can come together to sample the newest and most innovative trends. Bringing all these groups together at the «point of sale» is an important factor in the blickfang concept. The interaction is also important for the designers who get the unique possibility to sell their products directly eliminating the middle man and to get a first hand look at how their products are accepted on the open market. Blickfang has established itself as an annual event over the past twenty years in Zurich, Stuttgart, Basel, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.


blickfang - your design shopping event


Today's consumer is discriminating and critical. He wants to be entertained and inspired in many senses. In a world of global brands and uniformed offers, he is looking for something individual, something very unique: however, objects that speak for his personal lifestyle. This is exactly what the blickfang Company wanted to realize when first organizing the design trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. The idea was to present new and exciting products from many facets of lifestyle such as fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design all together in one inspiring and curated environment.


With the carpenting skills he refined at a Portuguese boat manufacturer, Raphael builds bicycle frames out of 36 layers of wood. If you still don’t quite trust this idea, come and have a look – or maybe even a ride – on blickfang Basel 24 | 25 | 26 April.


36 layers


In the first moment, it seems like a weird idea to manufacture a bicycle frame out of wood. But on the second thought, it’s pretty clever: wood can take more strain than metal; flaws can be fixed; and state-of-the-art UV lacquers can protect it from the weather. That’s what Raphael Much figured out when founding his start up company lj bicycles.

Back on


There’s probably one thing that might be more exciting than a beautiful décolleté – and that’s a woman’s back. That is, if it’s shown off with a deep neckline and maybe accessorized with an elie bra. While gemstones sparkle along your spine, high quality cups will keep your front comfortably fitted.


After winning the MINI Design award as the best label on blickfang Copenhagen, Anders and Martin venture a step over to Germany to present their designs on blickfang Stuttgart 20 | 21 | 22 March. Don't miss the chance to meet them!


Nordic x nature


If your favorite artworks or photographs seem to be floating in the air, it’s not magic – it’s Moebe. Among other wooden home accessories, Anders Thams and Martin D. Christensen designed a picture frame with two layers of translucent acryl captured in between filigree oak wood frames. 


So have a closer look, maybe you spot a story that tells you very personal story on blickfang Munich 13 | 14 | 15 March or blickfang Stuttgart 20 | 21 | 22 March.


square novels


StoryTiles are miniature stories-on-tiles, inspired by the famous 16th century Dutch Whites. The StoryTiles collection is comprised of two series: Old Dutch tiles, and Modern tiles. The tiles are designed with love, eye for detail and humor by Marga van Oers. They’re traditionally baked, in Holland.

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