International design exhibition for interior, fashion and jewellery

The unique charm of blickfang always was based on the chance to meet the creators behind the various products and to be able to buy everything directly at the boothes. Design orientated consumers, designers and tradesmen can come together to sample the newest and most innovative trends. Bringing all these groups together at the «point of sale» is an important factor in the blickfang concept. The interaction is also important for the designers who get the unique possibility to sell their products directly eliminating the middle man and to get a first hand look at how their products are accepted on the open market. Blickfang has established itself as an annual event over the past twenty years in Zurich, Stuttgart, Basel, Hamburg and Vienna and will this year celebrate its premiere in Hamburg from the 12th until the 14th of October at the Deichtorhallen and in the Scandinavian hotspot Copenhagen from the 9th until the 11th of November at the Øksnehallen.


blickfang - your design shopping event


Today's consumer is discriminating and critical. He wants to be entertained and inspired in many senses. In a world of global brands and uniformed offers, he is looking for something individual, something very unique: however, objects that speak for his personal lifestyle. This is exactly what the blickfang Company wanted to realize when first organizing the design trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. The idea was to present new and exciting products from many facets of lifestyle such as fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design all together in one inspiring and curated environment.


All participants are asked to get involved and to share their individual experiences with the other designers. Read more about this years programm and curators. Download the application form. Application deadline is 16th of May. We are looking forward to your application.


APPLY NOW for the blickfang Designworkshop 2014 in Domaine de Boisbuchet!


The blickfang Designworkshop is a valuable communication platform to exchange ideas and to educate both professional designers with an international reputation and up and coming brands.The theme of the 3 days workshop is Developing Designers, which provides the basis for the multidisciplinary discussions.



How do you experience the blickfang, Sebastian Wrong?


The world-renowned industrial designer Sebastian Wrong is the blickfang curator of the year - but what does that actually mean? How does he experience the blickfang design shopping events? And which memories does he link to the blickfang design workshop in Boisbuchet this summer? Well, we asked him! By the way, you get the chance to meet him, too: He is going to attend our very first blickfang design shopping event in Munich! Sebastian will spend the entire Friday  with us, so just walk up to him.


Ionie Chamilaki and Titia Dane aka IOIA received the MINI Design Award for their colorful jewelry made of coated foam. “We were impressed by the originality of your idea”, as Rasmus Storm says, “and would like to encourage you to keep on working with it. You can truly compare your design ideas with jewelry designers working for big fashion labels.”
Maria Bruun received the MINI design award for her bended mirror collection made of high polished metal. Torsten Dam summarized: “It’s amazing how the mirror, flowing around corners, can change an entire room. It’s not only design, but almost a piece of art. On the same time, the mirror reinterprets ancient Danish handicrafts by using bended metal instead of glass. The materials is a reminder of the last century. But the style is absolutely modern.”

Use the chance to get to know the designers in person at blickfang Copenhagen!


And the MINI Design Award winners are ...


It’s never easy for our MINI Design Award jury to select the best of the best among our exhibitors. It was especially difficult for Mette Hay, Frederik Lentz Andersen, Rasmus Storm and Torsten Dam yesterday. They had a long discussion who they should give the design awards to: The ones presenting a wholesome, perfect collection, or the ones who are tackling something entirely new? But finally they agreed upon two winners. And gave the MINI Design Award to IOIA and bruun design!


Even as a child, Nicole Komitov never wore clothes from mass production. Her nanny was a trained tailor and taught Nicole that it takes nothing but high quality fabrics, an idea and craftsmanship to create the clothes you have always dreamed of. That’s exactly what Nicole is doing with her label Milk. Even though nobody ever taught her how to tailor professionally, she learned the skills by herself and won the MINI Design Award.

Her work shows a “highly intellectual approach, but it’s still very effortless to wear”, as the jury’s fashion expert Melanie Gleinser (Accessories director DIVA) noted. You can wear it as well with sneakers as with high heels – as Nicole, always being dressed in her own clothes, proves. And even though you can tell a milk-dress by its look, Nicole dislikes branding: “Fashion should be independent of its branding”, she says. “I design clothes for women who don’t care about branding. They care about clothes which reflects their personality.”
You can discover Nicole’s fashion design at the blickfang Copenhagen 15 I 16 I 17 November and at the blickfang Zurich 22 | 23 | 24 November.


Meet MILK.


At blickfang Vienna, Nicole Kormitov won the MINI Design Award with her label Milk. Now, she’s bringing her fashion to the blickfang design fairs in Copenhagen. So you can either ask Nicole (who never learned how to tailor professionally) how she came to design clothes in person at the blickfang – or have a sneak peak at her history now. 

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