Den internationale designmesse for møbler, mode og smykker

The unique charm of blickfang always was based on the chance to meet the creators behind the various products and to be able to buy everything directly at the boothes. Design orientated consumers, designers and tradesmen can come together to sample the newest and most innovative trends. Bringing all these groups together at the «point of sale» is an important factor in the blickfang concept. The interaction is also important for the designers who get the unique possibility to sell their products directly eliminating the middle man and to get a first hand look at how their products are accepted on the open market. Blickfang has established itself as an annual event over the past twenty years in Zurich, Stuttgart, Basel, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.


blickfang - your design shopping event


Today's consumer is discriminating and critical. He wants to be entertained and inspired in many senses. In a world of global brands and uniformed offers, he is looking for something individual, something very unique: however, objects that speak for his personal lifestyle. This is exactly what the blickfang Company wanted to realize when first organizing the design trade show in Stuttgart, Germany. The idea was to present new and exciting products from many facets of lifestyle such as fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design all together in one inspiring and curated environment.

blickfang Vienna: style is an attitude


blickfang Vienna is opening its doors in the Museum für Angewandte Kunst from October 30th till November 1st. Designers from nothing less than 14 different countries are right there to present and sell their furniture, fashion and jewelry designs. Searching for Europe’s design hotspot? Visit blickfang Vienna.


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Welcome to the world of blickfang!


Dear design lovers, maker devotees and culture enthusiasts: Welcome to the world of blickfang. Twenty people put all their effort and love for design into our design shopping platform. We are searching for the best international design – so you can meet the maker on our blickfang events, buy unique pieces right on the spot and explore new ideas in our onlineshop. Find out more about our fairs in Vienna, Hamburg and Zurich. 500 international furniture, fashion and jewelry designers are going to be right there with us to welcome you.


2)    Hand-picked design: The designers can’t simply join blickfang, they have to apply for a booth. An expert panel is selecting the exhibitors. You can be sure that the things you buy have been approved in aspects of quality, esthetics and innovation.

3)    Discover and buy unique pieces
: Since blickfang is a platform for independent design, you will find labels and products none of your friends know yet. The designs are manufactured in small quantities only – and you can learn about every detail of the design and production process, since the maker is right there to answer all questions.


3 reasons to visit blickfang


1)    Meet the designer: The exhibitors from blickfang Vienna are based in 14 different countries. Nevertheless, they have to be there in person to explain, promote and sell their designs. Talking to the designer, you will find out aspects you never took into consideration – your new chair, dress or broche will become something very special and personal.



Your daily blickfang


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