Over 1.000 products of international young designers
Virkvärftet creates laser cut bubbles, maps, bonfires, alphabet boards and much more in materials like plywood, acrylic and cardboard for you and your home. They love the combination of design and technology, and the fact that they can create products at their own lazercutting workshop art Vesterbro, Copenhagen – and you can rest assured, that all of Virkvärftets products are made under healthy and happy working conditions!




Laura Jantzen
DK 1663 Copenhagen V
Oehlenschlægersgade 26 kld.th.
Tel: +45 (0)26718409





Stefanie Luxat
22769 Hamburg
Waterloostraße 36

Eivaras & Laura, architect & graphic designer, founded in 2008. Looking for simplicity with character in everything we do. Our motto is Weird, but still very lovely.




Laura Tulaite
LT 01309 Vilnius
Pylimo 29A-12
Tel: +37061236465

Inspired by the processes involved in ship building, and the possibilities of deforming, cutting and assembling steel sheeting, German designer Olaf Riedel presents his minimalist, functional SR and TR series. Used to display decorative objects or as a kitchen storage unit, the SR02 is accommodating for a range of containers, bottles and jars. Working from Halle/Saale, Riedel manufactures his objects either individually on commission or in a small series.


Olaf Riedel Produktdesign


Olaf Riedel
06114 Halle
Gr. Brunnenstr. 18
Tel: ++49/(0)345/5250888

Modern people lead their lives in a seated position – although the body is designed to move in order to stay healthy. Ergonomic sitting is one way to counter back problems. The ONGO® Seat goes further, bringing active sitting and effective back exercise into any setting – embodied in timeless, minimalist design. It is the first seat to have a ball track built into the foot, a mechanism that gives immediate acoustic feedback on changes in seated position and motivates us to move more.




Eberhard Lenz
70193 Stuttgart
Klopstockstr. 51
Tel: +49/(0)711/469 078 70

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