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24 I 25 I 26 April 2015


Alexander von Vegesack about Amina Agueznay: “Amina Agueznay transforms jewellery into fascinating sculptures by bringing together results from the most varied of sources. She instinctively combines her artistic talent and her experience in working with materials from Mahgreb and ornaments with the skills of her craft and her profound training in architectonic structure. She is deeply rooted in the Islamic world as well as in the modern Western world.                                          In the many workshops she has held at the Domaine de Boisbuchet she has proved that the extraordinary character of her designs is ultimately based on her own inspiring personality. It is most certainly her humanity and above all her work ethic that shines through Amina's jewellery and lends it its wonderful,  natural elegance.


Amina Agueznay


As a freelance curator and collector of industrial furniture design, Alexander von Vegesack established the Thonet Museum in Boppard am Rhein and advises international museums on design and expansion of their design collections. In November 1989 he founded the Vitra Design Museum in cooperation with the furniture manufacturers Vitra. Since 1990 he has organised an international workshop programme in France, the Domaine de Boisbuchet, in which not only designers and architects but also artists, craftsmen and artisans of various disciplines participate. In December 2010, Alexander von Vegesack stepped down from his position in the operative management of the museum after 21 years and took over as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Vitra Design Foundation. Since January 2011, he has been engaged in developing his own institution, the Domaine de Boisbuchet in France, which has in the meantime gained an international reputation as an educative centre.


Percy Thonet on Tim Mackerodt: “Tim always works on his projects with thoroughness and passion. He is also very structured, which is assuredly something he learnt in his past. Tim always selects his themes purposely and has progress constantly in mind. All in all, his work is very mature, clear and logical. I think Tim has an exciting and promising future to look forward to.”


Tim Mackerodt


Early on, Percy Thonet gained insights into the traditional family business. He graduated in London with a degree in economics, gained more experience abroad in Mexico and worked in a number of companies including Odenwald Faserplattenwerk GmbH where he was assistant to the Sales Director. After returning to the world famous family-run company, today he manages sales for Thonet GmbH Austria from Vienna.


Nils Holger Moormann on Johannes Steinbauer: “I met Johannes Steinbauer when he was an intern at Neuland Industriedesign in Munich. I liked him immediately for his quiet, deliberate manner. A concentrated worker who comes up with good ideas. It was just a small step to take up his own ideas. Johannes has just finished his studies and the results are quite impressive. His designs are characterised by always having a story behind them. For the most part, the steps in their development or manufacturing process are visible. The root of Johannes' works are in the handcrafting and that's a good thing. His hands are involved in the design. The details and joins of the objects show his knowledge of and respect for the material. It is wonderful and satisfying to see how things fall into place under Johannes Steinbauer's hands. 


Johannes Steinbauer


Nils Holger Moormann  is most at home between conventions and makes himself comfortable on his furniture, which is bit like him – aesthetic, well thought-out, with a slight, almost imperceptible wink. An autodidact, career changer and free spirit, Nils Holger Moormann has been developing furniture with simplicity of design and precise detailing with mostly young, unknown designers since 1982. The central ideas of simplicity, intelligence and innovation run through the entire company philosophy. From the original company seat in Aschau am Chiemsee to the puristic design classic FNP and the unusual guesthouse berge –  Nils Holger Moormann certainly does not put his ideas on the back boiler.


Her jewellery was awarded as the best accessories design of the autumn / winter season 2009 / 2010 with the “Premium Fashion Award” at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. Her series PAPIER won the Deutschen Designpreis 2010. Saskia Diez’ jewellery is sold at selected stores in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and New York amongst others. Additionally, her designs are available at her online-shop or you can visit the designer personally at her showroom at the Geyerstrasse in Munich. For the special show blickfang Selected, Saskia Diez chose, together with her husband Stefan Diez, the up and coming French designer Marc Ferrand.


Saskia Diez - Curator of the Year and curator of blickfang Selected presents herself


 “My jewellery should adorn“, explains Saskia Diez. But it’s never the jewellery on its own that achieves such a result, but the interaction of body parts where it accentuates and has room to develop. All designs by Saskia Diez are elegant and restrained but feminine and sexy at the same time.


Since the opening of his own studio in 2003, Stefan Diez has developed innovative products for renowned brands such as e15, Rosenthal, Schönbuch, Thonet, Moroso and Wilkhan. For the special show blickfang Selected, Stefan Diez chose together with his wife Saskia Diez, the upcoming French designer Marc Ferrand


Stefan Diez - Curator of the Year and curator of blickfang Selected presents himself


Stefan Diez, from Munich, is one of the most in-demand young designers of Germany. With his products for e15., Rosenthal and Flötotto he gathers one prize after the other – amongst them the Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best and the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in silver. His products reflect Stefan Diez’s innovative and creative character as well as his intense dialogue with materials. They are minimalistic designs with refreshing charm and direct humour.


For this special exhibition, blickfang have selected five renowned personalities from the design scene who then chose young talents involved in furniture design. We’re looking forward to:  Stefan Diez and Saskia Diez, our curators of the year, Marcus Fairs, editor-in-chief of dezeen, Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator of the Serpentine Gallery London, Andrés Frédés, design curator from Vienna and designer and blogger David Carlson from Sweden. We’re already curious to see the innovative and inspiring products.


The extra space ‘blickfangselected’ goes into its second round!


They are young, talented, and newcomers to the design world. These designers of the future will certainly give people pause for thought and something to discuss.

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