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For whoever purchases one of her rings or pendants does not acquire a finished piece of jewellery. Silks can be threaded through small holes in the rough metal. Woven thus, the filigree threads gain a stability that can not be achieved with textile embroidery. This concept convinced the jury: “The pieces of jewellery encourage their wearers to express themselves. They are also so beautiful even without the silk threads that the wearer can take time to find the right words, images or patterns to immortalize.”


MINI Design Award Winner Jewellery


Traditional crafting techniques are experiencing a comeback – and provide a breeding ground for new interpretation. The best example is the jewellery series “fil” by Bettina Götsch. She combines embroidery with goldsmithery to create her own – completely personal – aesthetic.


...if it hadn't been for the guys from diefabrik. They have been exhibiting at blickfang since 2012: at the time they were showcasing loudspeakers they upcycle to create “tombox” outdoor loudspeakers. This time, besides their pepper mills made of table legs, they brought Kotter along too. The studied fashion designer also comes from Leipzig. His aim is to create clothing that is not annoying: men's fashion that is never in the way, but serves its purpose unpretentiously. His trousers, shirts and coats meet this goal entirely. Jury member Bente Angelo Jensen, known for his fashion label Herr von Eden summarised: “Kotter has his finger on the pulse of time in terms of fashion – and is consequently ahead of his time.”


MINI Design Award Winner Fashion


Sturdy, worn canvas and contemporary men's fashion – what appears to be an antithesis at first glimpse is what makes Kotter's designs work. He convinced the blickfang jury in Hamburg's Deichtorhallen with his collection and secured the design award for fashion. Although Kotter almost didn't make it to blickfang …


The stilwerk limited edition gallery is situated in the headquarters of stilwerk, the Hamburger Designcenter that opened in 1996 on the banks of the Elbe. As a design platform stilwerk has set itself the task of crowning the shopping experience with cultural events, changing exhibitions and trend shows. The stilwerk limited edition gallery is a logical expansion of the stilwerk concept


Stilwerk Gallery Lounge


Limited editions, prototypes and unique works at the interface between art and design – since May 2010 there has been a stilwerk limited edition design gallery in Hamburg. At the blickfang design fair the gallery will showcase selected exhibits by the Hamburg designer Silvia Knüppel and the studio Besau-Marguerre. Based on the fine metal copper, new groups of works were created, which are to found among the finalists of the German Design Awards 2014.



That's the spirit: blickfang Hamburg 2013


The blickfang season started! Have a look at our first event at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, taped by the London based filmmaker Alice Masters.



The blickfang season has started!


Thank you Hamburg! We are excited about having 10.000 visitors at our 2nd blickfang Hamburg in the end of September! We will publish more pictures and a video very soon!

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