blickfang Copenhagen

15 I 16  November 2014


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Opening hours blickfang Copenhagen


SAT I 15th NOV I 10am - 7pm

SUN I 16th NOV I 10am - 7pm


Ionie Chamilaki and Titia Dane aka IOIA received the MINI Design Award for their colorful jewelry made of coated foam. “We were impressed by the originality of your idea”, as Rasmus Storm says, “and would like to encourage you to keep on working with it. You can truly compare your design ideas with jewelry designers working for big fashion labels.”
Maria Bruun received the MINI design award for her bended mirror collection made of high polished metal. Torsten Dam summarized: “It’s amazing how the mirror, flowing around corners, can change an entire room. It’s not only design, but almost a piece of art. On the same time, the mirror reinterprets ancient Danish handicrafts by using bended metal instead of glass. The materials is a reminder of the last century. But the style is absolutely modern.”

Use the chance to get to know the designers in person at blickfang Copenhagen!


And the MINI Design Award winners are ...


It’s never easy for our MINI Design Award jury to select the best of the best among our exhibitors. It was especially difficult for Mette Hay, Frederik Lentz Andersen, Rasmus Storm and Torsten Dam yesterday. They had a long discussion who they should give the design awards to: The ones presenting a wholesome, perfect collection, or the ones who are tackling something entirely new? But finally they agreed upon two winners. And gave the MINI Design Award to IOIA and bruun design!


At blickfang the FINDERSKEEPERS POP UP Shop will be representing 12 of their designers within fashion, accessories, living products and illustration. Meet them and buy their products at booth 2.44!


Welcome FindersKeepers at blickfang!


FINDERSKEEPERS is a design market for design students, upcoming designers and creative souls that need a physical platform to sell their products and expand their creative network. FINDERSKEEPERS has existed since 2011 and continues to grow with each market.


What is the best thing about Blickfang in terms of the danish fashion and design scene?
Blickfang is a good initiative. It showcases the talents who lives and work here and at the same time it allows us, the residents, to support the scene.


What designers should we look out for this year?
My friends Julien de Smedt and William Ravn recently started a new design capacity named Makers With Agendas. I really like the way they differentiate them from what is on the market by addressing serious issues and interesting design simultaneously. I will get something from their launch collection at Blickfang.


A talk with Frederik Bjerregaard


We had a chat with Frederik Bjerregaard, creative director and part of the Blickfang CPH jury last year, about why blickfang international design trade show is so special and who to look out for.

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